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School of Biblical Studies

Finding the Answers to Big Questions
A Bible study course on
The Basics of the Christian faith.

Foundations of the Gospel
What is the nature of the Gospel that the apostle Paul preached – the Gospel of Grace?

Salvation – What and How?
considering what God does for us and what he expects us to do in the process

Salvation in Christ Alone
Can people be saved by the Christ whom they do not know? A 10-part audio series.

The Kingdom of God
God rules the world. See how God’s will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The History of the
Christian Church

From Acts until the present time. Thirty one short audio lectures broken into four main groups with framework notes.

The Trinity
What do we mean by “The Trinity”? Why does it matter? Enjoy some theology that inspires worship!

How's it all going to end?
In this series of 2 lectures, we look briefly at “eschatology” – the study of the last times.


Dating vs Courtship
New version
What's wrong with dating? Is dating an effective preparation for marriage?
by Brian Watts.

Abraham and Lot
Raising kids in the wilderness or raising kinds in the world? Which works?

A Window of Hope
Principles for Parenting Pre-Teens: kids from zero to twelve

Our vision for
The King's School

Shooting Arrows
Preparing our children for their teenage years and beyond
by Brian Watts.

Is adolescence
really necessary?

Is rebellion a hormonal necessity? But Jesus had hormones! What kind of teenager was he?

Curriculum starting
with the Bible
What do we learn in school? If Jesus is “The Word”, what do the language arts look like? Could we count the number of apples in a basket if God were not “Trinity”? How can we make the Bible the starting point for every aspect of our learning?
Selected Sermons & Series

What in the World is Happening?
The upheaval of the postmodern era; Isaiah saw it all before! An 8-part audio series.

Spiritual Gifts
What are spiritual gifts? Are they for today? How do they work? Brian Watts answers these questions in a verse-by–verse exposition of 1Corinthians 12-14. This is a 12-part audio series of sermons preached in The King’s Community Church.

The Great Tribulation
When is the end? What will it be like? In this 4-part series of messages, we take a verse-by-verse look at Mark 13. Be ready for some surprises!

The Authority of Scripture
Do we really believe that the Bible is authoritative for doctrine and for all of life?

How to Read the Bible
Practical tips to help us get the most out of our reading of Scripture.

How to Study the Bible
Brian Watts introduces some of the different tools we can use to help us study the Bible.

The Bible: God’s Life Word.
This booklet was originally published in the Salt & Light “Roots and Shoots” series of booklets prepared to lay out the beliefs and practices of our family of churches. In it, Brian Watts describes the place of the Bible in the Christian life, with practical teaching on how to approach the Bible in such a way as to draw out the life that God has placed in it for us.

Can a Christian have a demon?
In this series of 5 audio messages, Brian Watts wrestles with the sensitive issue of spiritual warfare. Are demons still a problem today? How do we recognize their presence? What are we supposed to do about them?

Some things are worth
fighting for
Truth matters. We look at some of the historical heroes of the faith who were prepared to pay a price to defend the truth.

Applying Biblical principles to every issue in life

A selection of articles that will bring a Biblical perspective to some of life's issues.

A Christian Response to Euthanasia
by Dr. H. Robert C. Pankratz and Dr. Richard M. Welsh.
Both are Family Physicians currently practising in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

In the Long Run we are (not) all dead
by Ken Ewert.
The anti-Christian economics of John Maynard Keynes.

Ownership, Care and Responsibility
Applying God's laws of ownership in the business realm.
by Ken Ewert.

Full Gospel Business
We say we believe in the full gospel. But how full is the gospel of the modern church? How does it match up with the gospel in the Gospels?
by Brian Watts.

Environmental Overkill
t was the perfect set up: my employer had sent me to an "Environmental Awareness" seminar to become sensitized to the terrible problems facing mankind as a result of our "unsustainable growth."
A book review by Paul Crouser.

For Goodness Sake
I have been told that "Indecent Proposal" is supposed to be a good movie. I have not seen it, and have no intention of doing so. But, according to the reviews, the title gives an accurate description of what the movie is about. What do we mean by goodness?
by Brian Watts.

A God Centred Gospel
In the Beginning...God. In the Mess...Man. In the End...God.
by Brian Watts.

Six Billion Chickens
The animal rights movement. Man's rebellion against God takes many forms...
Part one of a two part series by Dave Matheson.

Eat Your Veggies...
The animal rights movement not only shakes its fist at God's established order in words...
Part two of a two part series by Dave Matheson.

Oh Canada!
What has happened to leave Canada in such a decaying state of debt, division, and dependence?

Og the Aboriginal
Whose land is it anyway? The Canadian dilema.
by Brian Watts.

Humphrey Who?
We might not have had an English Bible without the work of Humphrey Monmouth. Why we need Christian businessmen as much as full-time pastors

by Brian Watts.

Caution - Depraved Minds at Work - 1
I was talking with a colleague about God's sovereign control, and the fact that nothing happens outside of His plan or purpose for the world...  Sharing your faith at work
by Don Craig.

Caution - Depraved Minds at Work - 2
More apologetics – sharing your faith at work 
by Don Craig.

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