Eat Your Veggies...

The animal rights movement

Part two of a two part series by Dave Matherson

Acts of terrorism...

"Eat your veggies,
not your friends"

Teenagers a prime target

When change occurs
rapidly we resist it.

The garden of Eden.

"The warrant for meat
eating is a divine one and
remains unchanges..."

The animal rights movement not only shakes its fist at God 's established order in words, it lashes out at God and man in deeds. Fire bombings, malicious vandalism and bomb threats are the criminal activities of choice, for many animal rights groups. According to the U.S. Department of Justice the damage caused by animal terrorist attacks in the U.S. between 1977 and 1993 amounted to $137 million. Since the animal rights movement originated in Britain (in the 1960s) it should come as no surprise that they have as many animal terrorist attacks in any given year, as the U.S. has had in the past 15 years. That's an average of 5 per day! One group, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), was responsible for over $30 million damage to property in Britain during 1994. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that the ALF is responsible for 60% of American animal terrorist acts and the F.B.I. has placed the ALF on it's top ten list of terrorist organizations.

Acts of terrorism...
When you devalue human life to the degree that the animal rights movement has done, it becomes easy to justify terrorist acts that hut or kill people, or have the potential to do so. The following three examples are a sampling of the thousands of terrorist acts committed in the name of animals:

Animal rights terrorist Fran Trutt was convicted of planting a radio controlled bomb, with roofing nails surrounding an explosive, in the parking space of the President of U.S. Surgical Corporation, a company which was using animals to research the use of staples in human operations. Fortunately, nobody was hurt or killed. Friends of Animals provided the legal defense for Trutt. In an unrelated matter, FOA was responsible for blocking Government funding into research that could help quadriplegics, alleging the animal research was "cruel and inhumane". Blowing up people? Well, that's another mater.
In Vancouver, British Columbia, letters were sent by the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) to the Safeway and Save on Foods grocery chains, and received on December 23, 1994. The letters advised that rat poison had been injected into a number of frozen turkeys. As a result, both grocery chains immediately threw away many thousands of frozen turkeys from their shelves, and replaced over 30,000 returned by customers. The letters turned out to be a hoax, but the cost to the grocery chains was over $1 million. The fact that an additional 60,000 new turkeys were killed to replace the ones thrown away, seems to have been lost on the idiots that concocted this crime.
In Britain during 1994, the Animal Liberation Front mailed 42 letter bombs. Most did not explode. The ones that did caused burns and lacerations, but fortunately, no severe injury or death. The ALF added a new twist to these crimes by gluing a razor blade to the spring of a mouse trap, allegedly contaminating it with HIV infected blood, then mailing it inside a padded envelope. Once again, miraculously, there have been no serious injuries - so far

"Eat your veggies, not your friend"
The animal "rights" movement is well aware that acts of violence and terror by themselves are insufficient now, or in the future, to win over the hearts and minds of the majority of people. (For proof of this, one need look no further than the ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland throughout most of this century). Consequently, their long-term strategy is aimed at seducing and brainwashing our children's generation, and exploiting their idealism and naiveté. The battle for our children has only just begun in the past few years, and it has met with little resistance or opposition, so far. For example, PETA has been actively "donating" animal rights literature to elementary schools across the U.S., such as a book written by Ingrid Newkirk called, Kids Can Save The Animals. It is blatant propaganda, but to give it greater visual impact, PETA promotes it in classrooms and school assemblies by sending adults dressed in seven foot tall carrot costumes ("Chris P. Carrot") who give canned presentations, then hand out buttons to all the children that say, "eat your veggies, not your friends". Yes, converting your children into vegetarians is a major long-term objective of the animal rights movement.

Teenagers a prime target
Teens are also a priority. A recent Newsweek article reported that , "35% of teenage girls and 18% of boys thought being veggie was 'in'" ... Danny Seo, 18, founder of Earth 2000, a teens only advocacy group, argues that the 'defining focus' of his generation will be 'no animal cruelty, no meat'." In the past decade, Newsweek reports, "various animal rights groups have made teenagers a prime target." PETA's approach, "is to set-up booths at big rock concerts and show stomach turning video footage of the worst slaughterhouses." Sensitive and impressionable teens are predictably "grossed out", and many vow never to eat meat again, which is the intended result of all this effort.

When change occurs rapidly we resist it.
I suspect that the movers and shakers in the upper echelons of the animal rights movement have congratulated and "high-fived" each other many times, for having ever devised the strategy of promoting vegetarianism among our youth. Rather than assault our collective meat consuming society head-on with their bizarre philosophy of animals having rights, the animal extremists have opted for a sly and crafty back door route, which will eventually help get them to where they want to go. It may take them 20 or 25 years, but the vegetarian youth of today will eventually assume some of the positions of power and leadership in our society. They will influence and control many of the decisions that will affect all of us, my generation having gone into retirement by that time. An oft-quoted analogy is that if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you drop the same frog into a pot of cold water and turn up the heat so that the temperature increases gradually, by the time the water comes to boil, the fog makes no effort to jump out and dies. When change occurs rapidly we resist it, but when implemented gradually over time, we tend to become complacent. This should serve as a warning to us all; the body of Christ cannot and must not give in to the temptation of complacency, or we will suffer the consequences of that sin.

The garden of Eden
God has a lot to say on the related topics of vegetarianism and the "rights" of animals. In Genesis, we are told that Adam and Eve were vegetarians while they resided in the garden of Eden. Perhaps this is where many vegetarians, who now prefer to be called "vegan," get their self-righteous attitude towards meat consumers! In any event, God established man 's position of authority over the animals even while they all resided in utopic paradise. It was God's perfect plan for the order He wanted His creation to exhibit, long before sin came into the world and spoiled it all. Adam and Eve's peaceful relationship with the animals ended abruptly when God expelled them from paradise as one of the consequences of their sin.

Genesis then records a very significant event, so far as the scope of this article is concerned. The first animals are killed! We are not told specifically "whodunit", but the wording of Genesis 3:21 strongly implies that it was God, since He took the initiative of making clothes for Adam and Eve of animal skins immediately after their departure from Eden. In the classic 1942 Humphrey Bogart movie, "Casablanca", the corrupt French police commander, Captain Renard, was fond of solving every investigative mystery by issuing the order, "round up the usual suspects". A bit of God given logic will serve us much better in this Biblical "whodunit." I submit that the "defendants," Adam and Eve, lacked a clear motive for wanting to replace their fig leaves with warmer animal skin clothing, since they could not have reasonably foreseen the cooler temperatures outside of Eden, such knowledge requiring supernatural intelligence and insight. Secondly, the defendants had no previous hunting experience to draw from, and no weapons available, aside from, their bare hands. Thirdly, the expulsion from Eden was sudden, and there was not enough time available for the defendants to stalk and kill animals, even if the thought had occurred to them to make clothes from their skins. Faster than you can say ipso facto, on a balance of probabilities it must have been God that "terminated with extreme prejudice" the first animals. But then, that's the trouble with God - He thinks He's God.

Think about this for a minute. God took the hides from some animals to personally tailor some custom clothes for the first family. Doesn't that give you just a hint of what God really thought about the "rights" of animals? Nowhere is scripture do we find any mention of animals having rights, in the sense of equality, only that people had responsibilities. God meant what He said in Genesis 1:28, and has never deviated from it since; He never intended animals to be equal with man. Period. The best illustration of this is found in the dialogue of God's covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:2), "And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the earth, on every bird of the air, on all that move on the earth, and on all the fish of the sea. They are given, into your hand." Human life has always been more precious to God than animal life, and yet another example of this can be found in Exodus 21:28, where God decreed that if an animal took a human life, the animal was to be stoned to death.

As for a biblical perspective on vegetarianism, Genesis tells us that Jabal, only seven generations descended from Adam, is the "the father of those who live in tents and raise livestock."(Genesis 4:20) This indicates a demand for the meat. Pre-flood mankind was very sinful and wicked, so it is very probable that most people were eating meat even though they did not have permission from God, which was not given until after the flood. God told Noah, "

"The warrant for meat eating is a divine one and remains unchanged..."
Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs." R. J. Rushdoony observed, "the warrant for meat eating is a divine one and remains unchanged. As a matter fact, one of the marks of 'seducing spirits and doctrines of demons' in 'the latter times' is 'forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth'." (I Timothy 1:1-3)

The animal "rights" movement is part of what Michael Novak believes is "a turning away from the biblical emphasis on the distinction between man and nature," which causes man to be "attracted by Eastern mysticism, which views man as a part of nature." Herbert Schlossberg elaborates on this theme, saying "this error plunges man into complete irrationality ... everything that distinguishes man from nature disappears in this outlook, and that can only mean that man himself disappears. That is why C. S. Lewis was right to call the triumph of such a conception 'the abolition of man'." I think Paul summed it up best; the animal rights movement is the "the doctrine of demons"!

Originally published in U-TURN

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